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Teacher Strong | Fashion Funny Black Face Mask

Updated: Aug 31

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Here at energymessagesbymari.com, we make it easy for you to go back to school taking precautions so that you and the students you teach can feel safe. Be teacher strong take that first step and be the example.

The mask as we all know helps us from

spreading the virus. It helps keep the respiratory droplets contained and from spreading to other people. It’s important to wear your mask properly. Mask should be in addition to social distancing not instead

This simple, innovative, one-piece mask is a practical & affordable way to outfit your crew with cloth face coverings.

Cloth face mask

  1. should fit snuggly but comfortable against the side of the face.

  2. Be secured with ties or ear loops.

  3. Include multiple layers of fabric.

  4. Allow breathing without restrictions.

  5. Be able to be washed without causing damage to the shape of the mask.

At energymessagesbymar.com we have several styles to offer. Whether your a teacher or a kid we have the mask for you to help you navigate your day.

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