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Amethyst crystal used for karma

Updated: Feb 10

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Amethyst crystal and the violet ray

Amethyst is a crystal that supports violet rays. One of the major objectives of the violet rays is to let go of attachments. when it comes to healing on a casual level, the violet ray can search out target karmic attachments. This can be from karma in this lifetime or other lifetimes, as well as it may have been inherited from family at birth. The violet ray is the vehicle used in releasing and transforming our attachment through a process of alchemy. The primary carrier of this violet energy is amethyst.

Amethyst and the principle of non-attachment

Amethyst exhibits the principle of non-attachment. Amethyst is one of the most available healing stones on earth. It is also a simple tool to use for releasing karma. By programming a piece of jewelry or by carrying a crystal will allow it to focus on its transmutational properties on the body and our karma.

Where was Amethyst name derived from

Amethyst's name was derived from Greek. Its name means “ not drunken” which represents patience and moderation. The support from amethyst helps us to keep away from destroying our self.

Ways to use Amethyst in your spirituality

  • The third eye activation The third eye is the center of our perception. It gives you immediate intuitive recognition and or appreciation.

Crown Chakra activation

  • The crown chakra aids us in accessing the divine. The crown chakra is our gateway to the universe outside of the bodies. It controls us, our thought, and the way we react and interact with the world around us.


  • The healing energy of Amethyst can convert lower vibrations into higher vibrations by transforming negative energy into love.

To learn about crystal healing I recommend these videos on youtube

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cleansing with Amethyst

Amethyst has the ability to cleanse a person and space around them from negative energies.

Wearing Amethyst for protection

Wearing amethyst constantly will help the soul find relief in grief. Aiding wth being calm, tranquil, and balanced.

Amethyst energy in water

Water charged with Amethyst helps with the following things:

  • colds

  • Liver and kidney disease

  • Strengthens the brain and stomach

  • It can also help remove speech defects

Remember to always consult a physician as this just tool you can use in addition to medical advice.


Amethyst provides the peaceful energy you need to meditate and helps develop intuition and psychic ability.

Amethyst as a divination tool

I use Amethyst in my readings to enhance my psychic abilities and intuition and also to bring peace and tranquility into the reading. If you need a private reading the link is above.


Amethyst is a stone of peace and tranquility that can help in many ways.

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