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Angels your messengers

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I give tarot card readings on YouTube. For those who

like tarot readings, my channel is called energy messages by Mari. My weekly readings are angel weekly readings. So I wanted to give people more information on Angels and guardian angels. In this blog, we are going to explore

Brief description

Angels come in all forms, shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are complex and powerful beings. They are God's eternal love and light. Some of them comfort moments of deep sadness. These Messenger angels have the ability to show up at the right time. Our Guardian angels although attached with other planetary angels are always with us and will never leave our side. Some angels are inspirational, teaching us through universal virtues such as honesty, goodness, humility, purity, beauty, and joy.

What are Angels?

The study of angels is known as angelology. This has changed over the centuries as many manuscripts have been written and work on angelic hierarchies and scholarly traditions have been gathered, often copied or translated from other manuscripts.

Angels are messengers. The word angel comes from the Ancient Greek Angelos, which means messengers. Angels act as an overpass between heaven and earth. Serving as a passage between god and the material world. Angels are undying beings that we are aware of. They are not limited by constrictions of time and space. They are eternally attached to perpetual blissful energy that comes from the divine. Each angel is a focus of love, channeling it without any distortion.

many people believe” that all angels were created by God on the same moment on the second day of creation, Each one was created perfect, intelligent, immortal and in possession of the free will. most angels instantly choose to give up their free will and align themself eternally with the universe. But a few angels wanted their own power and glory. These are called the “ fallen angels”. The angels who gave up their free will, serve god and protect humanity from “fallen angels”

Why do people invite angels into their lives?

People are awakening from materialism, greed, and separation from God, caused by our sense of importance.

How do people see angels?

People discern angels in many different ways. The most common way is a physical manifestation, which can take the form of angels with wings. Angels have no gender. They have a vibration which is pure spirit. An angel's male or female qualities are perfect and complete. So they are androgynous so they may have a physical characteristic of both sexes. Most people are familiar with angels through religious art where they are shown as perfect beings., with flowing robes, long hair, halos, and wings, but angels are pure spirit and therefore have no physical form.

Where did the notion that angels have wings come from?

Several religious sources list certain angels as having wings.

  1. Archangel Gabriel who dictated the Koran to Mohammed has been described as having 140 pairs f wings”

  2. The light sour rounding angels could be their astral body of aura. People often describe a subtle energy field surrounding humans.

  3. The human aura is represented by having several levels, but upon closer inspection, it is made up of billions of separate lines of energy each radiating outward and upward from the centra “ spiritual spine” and giving the appearance of feathers.

  4. the angelic energy field may appear to human mystics as enormous, and the human mind might try to clothe the heavenly vision in human form.

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