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Apache Tears and crystals

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Apache Tears is a form of Black Obsidian but it is much gentler in its effects. It is black in color. Small and translucent when held in the light. It is common in the United States. These pebbles are usually less than two inches across and are frequently dented or imperfectly round. Their name comes from The first nation Apache tribe in the United States.


In the 1870s a small group of Apache warriors met the American Calvary in a battle. They were outnumbered and it became clear that they cannot win the battle. Instead of accepting defeat and being captured and murdered, they decide to ride their horses from the top of the mountain to their deaths. According to the story when the wife and children of these warriors heard of this story, the tears turned to stone when they touched the ground where their warriors fell. These stones were left scattered in the desert, where they can now be found.

Apache Tears a specific form of Obsidian

In addition to all the properties associated with Obsidian. Apache Tears has a Mythological connection to Apache culture and also the ability to recover from grief. To get more information about this I invite you to go read the Apache tribe and mythology, as well as the interaction with white Americans in the 19th century in order to understand the significance of the Apache tear stone.

Why would you use Apache Tear?

.It is powerful in getting rid of negativity, but it can be temperamental. has a habit of raising up negativity before your actually physically prepared to deal with it. By using Apache tears instead of other types of Obsidians you'll find that you are able to deal with negative circumstances in a calmer more productive way. They are powerful stones to help you heal grief. This stone also makes you aware of dangerous situations before they are upon you.

How can Apache tear help you in your life?

Apache Tears are perfect stones to use in your life if you are having a hard time with an upsetting experience. Whether it's a trauma or just a series of bad days that have left you tired and fragile Apache Tear can hold your hand metaphorically helping you get back on your feet. They are a strongly protective stone with protective meaning. These stones will protect you aiding you in getting your life back on track. They are also good to have when you are having a difficult conversation. It gives you the strength to work through the conversation or challenges in a non-combative way.

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