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Apatite the inspirational crystal

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What does an Apatite look like and where does it come from?

An Apatite stone can be yellow, green, gray, blue, white, purple, brown, red-brown, and violet. It can be opaque sometimes transparent and glassy. It is a hexagonal crystal and varies in size it is often tumbled. The blu Apatite is readily available, but the yellow ones are rare. They can be found in Mexico, Norway, Russia, and the United States.

What does Apatite do you might ask?

Apatite has inspirational properties, at the meeting point between awareness and matter. It is a stone of manifesting and encourages a humanitarian attitude. Apatite is aware of the future, yet connects to the past lives. It develops psychic intuition and spiritual alignment, deepens meditation, and raises “kundalini”. It also helps with communication and expressing yourself on all levels.


Apatite encourages motivation and helps you build up energy so that you have it on reserve. It helps with social interaction so that everything can go with ease. inviting you to interact, getting rid of aloofness and isolation. It draws off negativity about yourself and others. It is helpful for hyperactive and autistic children.

Because it stimulates creativity and the intellect it clears confusion helping to access information to be used for your personal good as well as the collective good. Apatite extends knowledge and truth and makes the grieving process easier. It also eases anger and reduces irritability. Apatite reduces emotional tiredness. By releasing energy in the “base chakra” it helps clear frustration and encourages passion without making you feel guilty.

Apatite and healing

  1. Apatite heals bones and encourages the formation of new cells.

  2. It helps absorb calcium and aids the cartilage

  3. Helps the bones, teeth, and motor skills also aid with arthritis and joint problems.

  4. It suppresses hunger and raises your metabolism.

  5. Apatite encourages healthy eating and heals the glands, meridians, and orans.

  6. it helps overcome hypertension.

  7. Apatite balances the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and the chakras getting rid of overactivity and stimulating under activity.

  8. it is also helpful when used with other crystals


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