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Aquamarine crystals and karma

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The aquamarine crystal gets its name from the Latin for seawater. It is a favorite among gemstones because of its color and endurance. Aquamarine is a stone of release. It teaches you to go with the flow and brings clarity into a situation. It is used for inspiration, creativity, and expression Aquamarine can also help us see the bigger picture in terms of cyclical patterns. When you wear Aquamarine you are going with the ebb and flow just like the ocean.

Aquamarine cleanses your energy by soothing old wounds of the mind, body, and soul. It deeply relaxes the body and awakens a higher awareness at the same time. Together this stage is set to perform healing. It detoxifies Broadley at the physical level. Over. the time it extends to all levels of our beings. It sheds light on whatever is keeping you stuck, assumes patterns deeply ingrained in the soul and in the psyche to alleviate the stress and pain of the situation. The watery character that aquamarine has sustained a state of fluidity, which has been discerned as “energetic liquidity” This liquidity enables states of manifest reality at any level of organization- from our tiniest components to our whole being- to move between the manifest and pre-manifest state. But testing the ability to resume state-of-the-art liquidity, our manifest forms - whether they are physical, mental, or emotional- can revert to an energetic state that helps them to communicate clearly

with spiritual wisdom. Aquamarine crystal harmonizes well with diamond, trigonometry quartz.

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