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Aragonite crystal A reliable earth healer

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How does this crystal look?

Aragonite comes in a variety of colors. White, yellow, gold, green, blue, brown. It comes in several forms. It is usually small chalky and fibrous, translucent or transparent With distinct provisions. It is easily obtained and comes from Namibia, Britain, or Spain.

What are Argonite metaphysical qualities?

  1. Helps connect to the Kundalini- The kundalini is a way of tapping into a deep and powerful type of energy that exists with us all. The energy can then be used to achieve better insight, enhancing your understanding of yourself and others.

  2. Helps connect you to your spiritual guides.

What are Aragonite qualities?

Aragonite is a healer and a grounding stone. This stone clears geopathic stress And blocked ley lines. It has the ability to align and ground physical energies. Aragonite stabilizes the baseman’s earth chakras. It deepens the connection with the earth. It gently takes you back into childhood or beyond so that you can explore the past.


Finding your spiritual purpose in life is about being balanced with your best self. Aragonite's connection to the earth's energy gives you the physical strength and good health to recharge and stabilize yourself in all areas of body mind and soul. Aragonite is a crystal that can help you feel deeply rooted just like that big old tree in the woods. This tree is a symbol of strength and there will be no wind, storm, or hurricane that can destroy you. You will be deeply rooted.


1. Aragonite teaches you patience and acceptance.

2. It doesn't allow you to be oversensitive.

3. It is a stone recommended for people who push them self’s too hard.

4. It aids with delegating.

5. Aragonite energy supports discipline and reliability.

6. It develops a realistic approach.


1.This stone helps to concentrate on the matter.

2.It helps you be flexible and tolerant.it gives you insight into. the situation.


1, Aragonite helps fight anger and emotional stress., by providing strength and support.

2. Physically it is a stone that makes you feel comfortable in your own body and it combats disease, like twitching and spasms

How to use Aragonite

Requirements to use this stone

  1. Respect the power of nature

  2. Do your best to remain healthy.

Healing qualities

  1. Aragonite can help clear blockages in your heart mind and spirit.

  2. It helps you look at the reality of a situation clearly.

  3. If you're having a lack of focus whether, in your professional life or personal life, Aragonite will help you focus on what's important.

  4. Aragonite gives us the courage to stand firm in our beliefs and convictions.

  5. Enhances your ability to not be oversensitive, This is especially important if your an empath (like myself)) and can feel everything that's happening around you.

  6. It helps with meditation.

Aragonites Healing Power

1, Aragonite star clusters can help with your speedy recovery when recovering from nerve damage or broken bones. By relieving stress and anxiety it can aid with nerve problems that can lead to twitching or the inability to rest or relax.

2. It can boost the immune system and help you fight infection by enhancing calcium absorption and alleviating chills and pains.

3, Also helps with vitamin A and D deficiency

Remember to always consult a physician or a professional if you are not feeling well.

To learn about crystal healing I recommend these videos on youtube

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Aragonite is a healer and a grounding stone

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