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Arch angel Gabriel its orange ray

Updated: Feb 3

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Archangel Gabriel

has an orange ray. He has his focus on creativity-also used for getting rid of fear. It represents the Sacral chakra. Its element is water- creates balance expressed as visibility, creativity, and originality,

The orange ray is the second ray of the rainbow.

The orange-ray encourages the sacral chakra on the physical level or third eye dimension. In our eyes, the orange light moves from orange to gold.

Archangel Gabriel is one of four great archangels. He is one of two angels ( Archangel Michael ) to be mentioned by their name in the New Testament. Gabriel announced the forthcoming birth of Jesus to Mary, his mother, and was also present at Jesus' death. He was the angel who watched over the tomb. He also gave the good news of the resurrection to the disciples. Gabriel’s color is white when used as the transforming fourth-dimensional ray of the root chakra.

Arch Angel Gabriel and the Catholic church

September 29th is a special day for the church as it celebrates the Feast of the archangels mentioned in the Bible. Archangel Michael, Arch Angel Gabriel, and Archangel Rafael. We will have a blog on all of them but right now let's concentrate on Arch Angel Gabriel.

The name alone means the Power of God Archangel Gabriel can be found in the old testament. In the book of Daniel. Gabriel was known for his vision, intelligence, and mystical insights. He can also be found in the first chapter of St, Luke and in two key passages in the new testament, in the annunciation

What is arch Angel Gabriel known for?

Let's look into Archangel Gabriel more deeply.

1, Messenger

The word angel from the Greek means messenger. Gabriel was sent from the throne as a messenger. These divine messages are very important.

A. John the baptist will be born.

B. He delivers a message to Mary. Mary is chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus

2.The Annunciation

A. In the Annunciation Archangel Gabriel announces to the blessed virgin Mary the greatest message in the history of the world. Mary is chosen to be the mother of Jesus.

3. Hail Mary

This is the prayer that is recited over and over again throughout the world. Hail Mary is really Arch Angel Gabriel Angelic salutation.

4.Conversation with the blessed virgin Mary

Archangel Gabriel has a respectful conversation with the blessed virgin Mary. In this case was a conversation with someone who would be the mother of god or in essence the mother of the church and the mother of all of us.

some of the other things he is known for are:

5.The Annuonsent witnessed by Archangel Gabriel

6. Present at the incarnation of the son of God in Mary

7.The eucharist holy communion

8.Watches over our speech: Think before speaking

9. Patron of modern communication

Physical association

parts of the body, lower back, lower intestines, abdomen, and kidneys. Governs the digestive function. Helps digestion.

1. Aids with bronchitis and asthma.

2. Useful during the menopausal stage in women.

3. Balances hormones and aids fertility.

4.It is very motivating and balances body energy levels, increases vitality, works more gently than building up energy step by step. helps you make a decision if your deadlock, helps if you're instigated.

The emotional and mental association

Aids with grief, enhance creativity, optimism, and an understanding of life that is positive. Helps you with fears and phobias. Releases the fear of experiencing pleasure.

spiritual association

stimulates happiness and joy, which is spiritually uplifting.


Archangel Gabriel the orange ray of the rainbow one of the four archangels. He is our messenger.

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