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Archangel Jophiel the yellow ray

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Archangel Jophiels color is yellow. He focuses on wisdom. He represents the solar plexus - an element of fire- balance expressed as logical thought process self-confidence and goal manifestation.

Yellow is the third ray of the rainbow. Yellow ray influences the solar plexus on the physical level or third eye dimension. and it’s the transforming ray for the crown chakra. It is the second spiritual ray and it’s looked at as orange-yellow almost like pale gold.

Archangel Jophiel is the archangel of wisdom and works with the angels from the halls of wisdom. His ray is a lot of times called the sunshine ray. His name means the beauty of God. His ray helps you see life with a fresh approach. This brings back joy and pleasure Jophill produces connections to align you to your higher self. He does this through many dimensions. We can think of him as a cosmic ladder. He can instantly recover from shock, fight- of severe illness. Among Jopiels gifts is the wisdom of flame, intuition. Perception, joy, bliss, and soul illumination. Call on Jophuel when your creativity needs a boost to prevent feelings of low self-esteem inertia or mental fog. He helps you absorb new information, Jophiel is wisdom flame can be taken to help you in any situation that needs clear perception, discrimination, or inspiration.

Physical associations

parts of the body;

  1. Pancreas

  2. solar plexus

  3. liver

  4. gallbladder

  5. spleen

  6. middle stomach

  7. nervous system

  8. digestive system

  9. skin

  10. stimulates and reinforces energy

  11. strengthens weak bodies processes

  12. works down cellulite

  13. removes toxins

  14. color therapists uses it to heal arthritis, joint stiffness, and use immobility.

Emotional and mental associations

using your mental ability and learning enriched wisdom and intellectual stimulant help you focus, your

laughter and joy are uplifted, increases self-control, increases self-esteem and brings a feeling of well being. Stimulates conversation and can also enhance communication. It prevents shyness and gives you courage.

spiritual association

Brings soul illumination, strengthens the connection with the higher self, guided angels.

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