Archangel Raphael Green Ray what does it do?

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The green-ray is the fourth of the rainbow spectrum. It influences the heart chakra at the physical level. this is also the transforming ray for the third eye Chakra. It is the fifth spiritual ray and it is looked at as a shiner emerald green.

Archangel Raphael is God's healer. He is known as the physician of the healing realm, the spiritual healer for healing ourselves and for helping us find the inner guidance, love, compassion, balance, and inspiration to heal others. He is one of the seven ruling angels or princesses. He joins Michael and Gabriel being recognized by the Christian church. Archangel Rafael is also known as the chief of the guardian angels, and the Patreon of travelers. He is often carrying a staff in one hand and a bowl. of healing balm on the other hand. He has the ability to guide us in all healing work. Whether orthodox or complementary.

Physical association

Green is the color of nature and is in the middle of the color spectrum. It tranquilizes calms and relaxes. It inspires personal growth by bringing harmony. It keeps mental and physical energy balanced. Keeps you from being stressed and feeling tensed. It is aligned with nature and the Devic kingdom and it’s the ray of great healers and healing. The green-ray stress-related is used to heal tension headaches, migraines, gastric ulcers, digestive upsets, and everything stress related including extremely agitated emotional statesEmotiona and Mental associations

It eases claustrophobia and feelings of being restricted. Stabilized the nervous system, soothes all the senses, aids development of healthy relationships with others.

Spiritual association

Developsdivine vision, intuition, and also insight through balance and harmony. encourages creative visualization and manifestation techniques.



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