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Citrine Jewelry

Updated: Aug 24

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Long Known as the Merchant stone. Citrine is associated with abundance and prosperity Drawing abundance to you requires mental and emotional focus. Combined with the power of intention.

As a tarot reader, I always get a law of attraction cad at the end of my reading, as well as a, carry me crystal card I advise my clients on the law of attraction because its the law that helps you manifest combined with the knowledge of the carry me crystal cards. Much more than wealth and possessions, prosperity is a state of mind, that recognizes your own inner riches and trust the universe to provide appropriately for your needs, using citrine, raises your self-esteem, gives you confidence, and helps you to value yourself for who you are rather than what you do or own. It lets you live in the moment rather than dreaming of what might be. Citrine gives you the energy to manifest your own reality and to attract everything you need.

Round Citrine Necklace

Beautiful Wire Wrapped Citrine Necklace

Shape: Faceted Round - 10mm Stone: Citrine Stone Meaning: Citrine - A stone of the mind - Helps one to increase their self-esteem - Boosts one‰۪s thoughts and ideas

Materials:14k Gold Filled/14k Rose Gold Filled/Sterling Silver Wire/Chain/Spring Ring ClaspGenuine Gemstones

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