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Crystal Quartz Bracelet Crystal quartz also

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This stunning bracelet is crafted of beautifully faceted pieces of oval-shaped crystal quartz stones. Set into a burnished gold plate mounting, the bracelets seven stones radiate magnificent sparkle and a decidedly sumptuous effect. Crystal quartz also is known as rock crystal is one of the most basic essential healing stones. Clear crystal quartz is best known for its ability to amplify and strengthen the energy. It's one of the most essential and healing energy. This crystal is also good for enhancing psychic abilities. It is good for drawing in the positive and taking out the negative.On sale now for $16.20

  • Nickel-free brass base

  • 24K gold plate

  • Anti-tarnish clear-sealant over gold plate

  • In order to care for your jewelry: Avoid contact with water, lotion & perfume and remove before bathing, swimming or any physical activity that induces perspiration


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