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Developing spiritual gifts

Intuitive Reader/Energy Messages by M


Do you ever get the sense that someone is watching you? Then you turn around and look and you see someone staring at you. We all get the feeling that something unseen exists. Something that cannot be proofed or unproofed by science.

In the past, I've struggled with how to use my spiritual gifts. Since I was small I have been feeling when things were going to happen. Like the passing of a loved one or the feeling of an accident about to happen.

The ability to know without seeing. To know without any rational reason, to have the knowledge. If you've already experienced these things than you have a gift too. You already have the potential to read energy, to have the vision, to communicate with the other side, to see the hidden meaning in a tarot card.and to pick up any future events with clarity. Being aware of these spiritual gifts will help you know more about you and the world around you.

Intuition is the one that most of us are familiar with. That sense that feeling and that knowing in the depths of who you are.

Especially in the beginning, you tend to doubt your intuition. Intuition on its own it's never wrong. However, the way you interpret those feelings could be wrong. Sometimes the emotions come from deep within you, making it clear to you what they mean. Other times it's just not as easy. Believing that something is going on within you is the first step. Become aware acknowledge it. Ask yourself questions. What is going on? What am I feeling? Be quick to recognize and slow to come to any outcome. Refrain from coming to any conclusion. Mark off judgment and experiences.If you feel 100 % negative about an experience your absolutely wrong. That only happens when your personal memories, experiences, and judgment come into playA situation is never 100% bad or wrong. This is where many people give up or stop trusting our intuition, Big mistake!! Trust your feelings but be aware of how you judge what they mean.

With time and patience, you will trust your intuition more and more and you will realize your intuition is never wrong. Trial and error are part of the whole experience. There is no place for ego

Humility can go a long way. The very best psychics, healers. empaths, readers do not have a grandiose sense of themselves

In time, you can begin to experience images, sounds, or stronger feelings. They are also known as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and empathy. While it’s true that some have more of one or the other. Some of us feel like we were born for this purpose.

Intuitive Reader/Energy Messages by M




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