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Garnet , Crystals and tarot

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

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Garnet is a powerful stone that energizes and regenerates it restores and reenergizes the chakras.it replenished, clears, and balances energy. It brings serenity and passion to the situation.

Garnet instill love and devotion It aligns the sex drive and pacifies emotional disharmony. Red Garnet in specific stimulates the Kundalini energy. It aids sexual potency. This is a stone of commitment.

Garnet is a very good crystal to have in a crisis. It can be specifically helpful in areas where there seems to be no way out. It reinforces, energizes, and strengthens the survival instincts.it brings courage and hope into a hopeless situation.

garnet helps the pituitary and can stimulate more awareness and recall past life. Garnet also activates other crystals, it amplifies their effect and clears negative chakra energy. Square cut Garnet is said to bring success in business matters.

Psychologically Garnets makes you aware of how you perceive yourself and other individuals. It gets rid of rooted demeanor. Mentally garnet helps you get rid of those obsolete or old ideas

Emotionally garnet abolishes inhibitions and taboos. It opens up your heart and helps you with self-confidence.

Varieties of garnet:

Almandine Garnet, This is a transformative healing stone. It brings strength and stamina and it supports bringing deep love for yourself. It opens the space between the base and crown chakra, channeling, and grounding spiritual energies into the spiritual body, and anchoring the subtle body into physical incarnation.

Andradite encourages creativity and brings into your relationship what you most need to develop it. It gets rid of feelings of isolation and attracts intimate encounters with others. Andradite supports the males' qualities such as courage, stamina, and strength. Realigning the magnetic fields of the body.

Other varieties of garnet are:








Red Garnet

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