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Ajoite crystal Blog

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Blog By Mari Kaleidoscope of energie

Ajoite should be used with Shattuckite and calcite

These three stones should be brought together they create powerful synergetic protection for the soul's journey.

Ajoite cleanses the auric field especially the emotional body and aligns it with the higher chakras in preparation for expansion. The crystal induces profound calm and helps you release stress and anxiety. Most of the Ajoites healing power lies in its ability to facilitate a reunion with the divine.

Although mainly a stone for experienced crystal workers to use, novices can pace it in bath water to gently transfer its energy to your physical and subtle bodies and attune you to higher vibrations.

meditate with Ajoite held to your third eye to open and expand your spiritual awareness. As an awareness of a spiritual reader, this is very helpful to me. Especially when I use the Archangel tarot deck Influences of the angel's tarot deck or the Guardian angel tarot deck.

Below is a photo of an Ajoite

Shattuckite crystal

This stone is from the Shattuctite stone was first found in the shattuckite mines of Arizona. It has since been found in a number of other locations such as Greece, Britain, the U.S.Norway, South Africa It is very good for giving a Boost to your psychic gifts


Calcite is the most common form of natural calcium carbonate. This is a widely distributed mineral known for the beautiful wide variety of crystals.

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