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Opal Crystal meaning

Updated: Jan 5

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Here at energy Kaleidoscope 0f energie, we carry opal in many different forms. Opal crystal. Opal bracelet and sometimes even opal earrings.

Opal comes in a variety of colors white, pink, black, beige, blue, yellow, brown, orange, red, green, and purple. It can be clear or milky. It is easily obtainable although green opals are expensive. They come from Australia, Mexico, Peru

South America, Britain, Canada, the United States, Honduras, Slovakia

What is the importance of an opal stone you may ask? At first glance perhaps nothing really seems to pop out. I mean it can be a milky white stone. Doesn't seem that interesting.

Opal is a gentle stone with good vibration. It enhances awareness and activates psychic and mystical vision. It encourages you to be original and to have dynamic creativity. It aids in expressing one's true self. Opal absorbs and reflects. picks up thoughts and feelings amplifies them and returns them to the origin. It is a karmic stone teaching that what you put out comes back. Opal is a protective stone when properly programmed. It can make you camouflaged or invisible. It can be used to enter into unsafe territory and in shamanic work where a veil is required,

What can this stone do psychologically?

Psychologically, Opal amplifies traits and brings characteristics to the surface for adjustment. Expanding self-worth, it helps you to figure out, understand your own potential. Mentally Opal brings lightness and spontaneity. It promotes all curiosity in the arts.

Can Opal help me emotionally?

Yes, emotional opal has always been connected with love and passion, desire, and sexual desire. It is

a fascinating stone that increases emotional states and releases your inhibition. It acts as an emotional stabilizer, but the stone may dissolve and the individual needs to be well centered before using opal to investigate or stimulate feelings, or to have other stones standing to assist with integrating.

Opal exhibits what your emotional state has been in the past particularly in others' life. It teaches you how to take responsibility for how you feel. It conducts you to put out positive emotions,

What happens when you wear opal?

Wearing Opalis said to bring loyalty, faithfulness, and spontaneity. It can also magnify faithlessness where the tendency is already present.

Opals can be used to send healing to the earth energy field and reenergizing and stabilizing the grid,

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