Amber and Tarot

Updated: Sep 13

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Amber has long been associated with protection and renewal, in part because the insects perfectly preserved within it look as though they could spring to life and fly at a moment. These inclusions led to members' reputation as the repository of departed souls.

Theophrastus (Greek philosopher who was a student of Aristotle) pointed out that amber attracts iron. When rubbed against the skin, silk or wool amber becomes electrically charged. Paper and feather stick to it. This must-have appeared magically indeed, leading Aristotle to credit the resin with having a soul. Pliny mentions that amber was created by moisture from the rays of the sun falling upon the earth, and was associated with the sun's life-gravity energy.

Amber ignites easily and the ancients believed its smoke drove away evil spirits, and enchantments as well as relieving sinus and respiratory ailments and throat infections.

So when a client to a tarot reading worrying about what's happening in the world at this moment I recommend this stone. I have a crystal altar and recently got gifted this crystal,

Amber can be used to transmute negative vibrations into positive ones. If you lack the drive to succeed amber motivates you to make decisions and move forward in life.

Amber is neither a crystal nor a mineral it is more a biological product of nature. This is a protective resin that oozed from trees in a dense prehistoric forest and fossilized over millions of years. It is still considered a powerful stone as it enables you to stand in your own power.


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