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Blood Stone

Updated: Sep 13

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Get your blood going with the wonderful energy of the Blood Stone. It is believed to have mystical and powerful properties, controlling the weather and contributing to the ability to banish evil and negativity and to direct spiritual energies.

In ancient times Blood Stone was said to have been an "audible Oracle" What does this mean. I looked it up

Audible- Being heard.

Oracle- Someone who offered advice or prophecy thought to have come directly from a divine source.

The Blood Stone heightened their intuition as a means of guidance when they were speaking. It

increased their creativity, It is a grounding and protecting stone that keeps out unwelcome effects.

Blood Stone stimulates dreaming, revitalizes, mentally gives courage, and teaches how to avoid dangerous situations. Blood Stone assists you in acting in the present moment. I use this stone in the space where I do my tarot readings or on me to guide me through the day and ground me

Blood Stone calms the mind and dispels confusion it enhances the decision-making process. It can revitalize the mind if you're mentally exhausted. Emotionally Blood Stone helps in grounding the heart energy. it reduces irritability, aggressiveness, and impatience. Spiritually Blood Stone assists in bringing spirituality into everyday life.

As appropriate wear continually for good health.

Place in a bowl of water beside the bed to ensure sleep.

In my readings, I use crystals and tarot as well as my intuition.

You can also wear your bloodstone in jewelry:

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