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Selenite Crystal for Peace

Updated: Jan 23

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Selenite where does it come from?

Selenite can be found in crystal form all over the world. In Mexico, they are particularly abundant. Their caves are filled with selenite formations. This stone is a variety of gypsum

Selenite and what it does

Selenite is a Radiant crystal with a wonderful vibration that brings clarity of mind, opening the crown, and higher crown chakras It could access angelic awareness and greater guidance. it's a calm stone that inspires a deeper level of peace. The radiant white Selenite celestial quality and its side occupy the place between light and matter. It is one of the most powerful stones for the new vibration on earth.

Selenite and how it' used

Selenite can be used to form a shielding grid around a house. A large piece of Selenite placed in the house assures an atmosphere of peace. It does not allow outside interference Selenite is used to identify lessons and issues that are still in progress. It shows how they can be worked out.

Selenite wands

Selenite wands can be used to detach individuals from the aura for avoiding anything external to enter the mind.

Psychologically influence

Selenite assists with judgment and insight.


it clears bewilderment and aids in seeing things from a different perception. It helps you understand what has been occurring at a subconscious level.

Healing Properties

  1. This crystal is useful in identifying root causes of physical. spiritual and emotional illnesses

  2. It can be used for those who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's.

  3. Selenite brings calm and focuses to the mind.

  4. Reduces stress for elderly who have been placed in nursing homes

  5. Selenite also helps with insomnia.

  6. Selenite helps the body absorb minerals and nutrients,

  7. It has been found beneficial for fertility issues

  8. It can also help improve impotence and sexual dysfunction in men.

  9. Women may find that this stone helps prevent problems during pregnancy.

Always Consult a professional!!


Selenite brings clarity of the mind it also opens the crown chakra.

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