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Natural Coloured Fluorite Crystal

Updated: Aug 28

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Theses Flourite Crystal points are amazing they help you connect to the third eye and give you emotional strength. If you are confused or distracted by too many ideas or worries flourite will give you mental comfort. Helping you focus on what really matters.

Flourite helps with anything involving the mind, focusing, studying, memorizing understanding difficult concepts. If you are wanting to enhance your intelligence or intellectual abilities Flourite is a good stone to wear or have in your environment.

Flourite comes in different colors and various specimens are multicolored (as shown in the picture below.

Pure flourite is actually white or colorless. Trace minerals give it many colors. The most common color of flourite is a purple-blue mix but it is also found in Blue, Green, red snd yellow colors

Flourite is a 4 on the Mohs scale, which is very soft. Some flourite is fluorescent. Fluorescence is the property of emitting light that has been absorbed previously.

Not all flourite is florescent. Pieces harvested side by side form the same site can respond differently to black light. The effect depends on the exact mineral makeup of each specimen.

Flourite is found in many parts of the world including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England Norway. Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.

Flourite is relatively inexpensive and surprisingly durable despite its softness, making it a good item for many designs in jewelery

Natural cubic and octahedral Fluorite formations focus and calm the mind.

Place next to your front door, home office, or next to your bed - Anywhere that needs to be balanced.

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