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Aventurine & Yellow Calcite Vermeil Bracelet

Updated: Aug 4

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Wearing Aventurine:

Aventurine is a positive stone of abundance. It is often used to shield houses from geopathic stress. Wearing Aventurine absorbs and protects from environmental pollution. Taped to a cell phone it acts as a shield against its emanations. This crystal interjects with negative situations and turns them around.

Aventurine - Attracts Love - Attract Both Success And Abundance - Releases Negativity And Energy Blockages - Helps to heal the lungs, heart, and liver

Yellow Calcite - Intellect – Energy Boost - Personal Power, Hope, And Self-Worth

Bracelet Materials:

Genuine Semi-Precious Stones- Highest Quality Strong Elastic Band .7mm Sterling Silver Accents Vermeil Accents

Processing Time: 2-3 Days

Handmade & Shipped with love from U.S.A.




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