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Pyrite crystal

Updated: Jan 2

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Pyrite crystal meaning comes from the Greek word pry which means fire. This stone manifests male energy that burning passion that exists deep within the third eye chakra. Pyrite is positive energy and it is helpful in many situations. It is very good for relieving anxiety and frustration and as a mirror to reveal the causes you have behind the emotions. It promotes a search for a solution.

Pyrite also is known as a fool's gold is an iron sulfide mineral that crystallizes. this crystal is often combined with other quartz-like turquoise and Lapis Lazuli.

Turquoise- If your attracted to turquoise or it has found its way to your life its a sign that you're in need of its healing power. The meaning of this stone is associated with personal protection. Bring turquoise to the party and always have a wingman that has your back.

Lapis Lazuli- A stone of wisdom intuition and truth.

Relieves worry, increases concentration, decreases stress, helps with aches and pains.

Pyrite usually forms cuboid crystals it sometimes forms raspberry shaped masses called framboids. It is ultimately a symbol of wealth and good luck. If your lacking strength Pyrite is the stone to call.

Pyrite was used in the 16th and 17th centuries as a source of ignition in early firearms like the wheel lock, where a sample of pyrite was placed against a circular file to strike the sparks needed to fire the gun.

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