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Rose Quartz and what it is used for

Updated: Jan 1

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Rose Quartz

According to some of the legends out there about Rose Quartz cupid, the Roman god of desire and affection was said to have grant Rose quartz crystals as a gift to the earth for love, passion, and happiness for all.

Rose quartz is usually pink in color. Its appearance is translucent, may be transparent and it comes in all sizes, sometimes tumbled. It is easily obtained and could be found in different parts of the world like South Africa, the United States, Brazil, Japan, India, and even Madagascar.

Rose Quartz crystal meaning

A stone that attracts and supports unconditional love, universal love, and infinite peace. It is the most important crystal for the heart and the heart Chakra teaching the true meaning of love. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels and brings deep inner healing and self-love is calming, reassuring and can be used when one is in crisis or trauma.

If you want to attract love then you want something with rose quartz. Placed by your bed or in the relationship corner of your home, it is very effective in drawing love and relationships towards you, that it often needs an Amethyst to calm things down. In existing relationships, it restores love and harmony and encourages unconditional love❤💕😘😍

Rose quartz gently gets rid of negative energies and replaces it with positive loving vibes. It strengthens empathy and sensitivity and helps to accept the necessary changes. It is an excellent stone if you are experiencing a mid-life crisis. Holding the rose quartz encourages positive affirmations. The stone can then remind you of your intention, which we know will then help you, manifest love. This beautiful stone promotes receptivity of all kinds.

Emotionally Rose quartz helps you heal releasing unexpressed emotions and heartache and releasing emotional conditioning that no longer serves you. It soothes internalized pain and helps you understand deprivation if you have never received love, This is very important because it means that it opens your heart so that you become receptive. If you have love and lost it helps you with the griefing process, Rose. This is very vital because you cannot accept love from others nor love them if you don't love yourself. quartz teaches you how to love your self. This stone encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance, it promotes self-trust and self-love.

It can be used in a variety of ways. Here at energy messages by m, we have a variety of jewelry with rose crystals.

This is a Rose quartz blue lace Bracelet The Rose quartz gives you that universal love and the blue lace helps you enhance your communication and self-expression. Rose quartz helps you nurture and love yourself when you wear it. It brings calming and reassuring energies at rough times. Helps the female reproductive system, relieves stress and improves the circulatory system. Blue Lace is a calming stone that relieves depression and the need to worry. Helps to inspire the worrier with creative ideas helps relieve insomnia and throat issues and headaches. The white Howlite in the bracelet is also a calming peaceful stone, which helps to reduce anxiety and stress. encourages emotional healing removes selfish, rude, and greedy behavior. It also helps the bones.

No matter how you use rose quartz the meaning is going to be associated with love and happiness. The most powerful uses of love quartz are attracting love and partnership.


Rose Quartz strengthens the heart and circulatory system. It releases impurities from body fluids. Placed on the Thymus Rose Quartz aids chest and lung problems. It heals the kidneys and adrenals and alleviates vertigo. Rose quartz is said to increase fertility. The stone elixir soothes burns and blistering and soothes the complexion. It is helpful with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and senile dementia.

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