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Sodalite Crystal Necklace

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The sodalite crystal meaning is linked to ethereal energy that promotes the highest form of self-expression. The sodalite crystal meaning is associated with the color of the heavens. During the renaissance period, this shade of blue was considered a sacred color. It was often used to cover the robes of Mary and Archangel Michael.

When meditating this stone can connect you with the energy of Angels. It helps you gently get rid of negativity. The sodalite crystal is a combination of manganese and calcium a wonderful combination of minerals that create a soothing effect.

Sodalite gives us a sense of tranquility and helps us with the stresses of life by helping us remain calm. Sodalite also stimulates the pituitary gland, which opens up your spiritual perception. It energizes the brain portal by releasing fears, tension, and negative emotions. The Sodalite helps to transform into feelings of harmony and balance the gateway to enlightenment

Sodalite helps us discover ourselves at a deeper level. It gives us a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem...It helps you become empowered by knowing yourself, protects you from negative forces. The gift of knowing who you are is the foundation of wisdom so get connected with this beautiful stone. Transcend from ordinary to extraordinary by using its powers.

Sodalite crystal properties help you with creative thinking and expanded spiritual awareness by stimulating the throat chakra.

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