Cape Amethyst Pendant

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Meaning of Amethyst:

Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz. The name comes from the Koine Greekἀμέθυστοςamethystosfrom ἀ-a-, "not" and μεθύσκωmethysko/ μεθύωmethyo, "intoxicate", a reference to the belief that the stone protected its owner from drunkenness.[1]Theancient Greeks wore amethyst and carved drinking vessels from it in the belief that it would prevent intoxication.

Amethyst is a precious stone often used in jewelry and is the traditional birthstone for February.

Beautiful Wire Wrapped Necklace

Shape: Round w/ Ball - Total - 21.5mm x 13.5mm Stone: Cape Amethyst Stone Meaning: Cape Amethyst - Enhance Intuition - Repel Negativity - Opens The Mind

Size: 16", 18", 20" or 24" Materials: 14k Gold Filled/14k Rose Gold Filled/Sterling Silver Wire/Chain/Spring Ring Clasp


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