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Updated: Jul 15

Intuitive Reader/ Energy Messages by M


Spiritual love and wisdom is represented by the Sugilite stone.

By opening all the chakras it brings us into alignment. Sugilite not only promotes channeling abilities but it also makes you more aware of your spiritual abilities.if you want an answer to all the great questions of life such as: Why am I here? Where did I come from? Who am I?where did I come from? What else do I need to understand? The Sugilite protects the soul from shocks, trauma, and disappointments also reliefs. It helps sensitive people and lightworkers to adapt to the earth's vibrations. This stone can help bring light and love to the darkest situations. Helping with forgiveness and getting rid of hostility.

Psychologically Sugilite encourages positive thoughts and recognizes brain patterns that underlie learning difficulties.



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