What are the differences and similarities between Palo Santo and Sage

Updated: Sep 8

Intuitive Reader/ Energy Messages by M


Cleansing the energy from your space is a serious Matter.

Sage and Palo Santo are two of the most popular for smoke cleansing.

Palo Santo comes from South America and grows along the coastline of Peru. Palo Santo has a sweet fresh smell with hints of mint and citrus.

The practice of burning herbs, resin, and wood for cleansing purposes has been used in different cultures all around the world. Palo Santo won't burn as long and would have to be lit several times. Palo santo is said to clear the negative energy and bring in good energy, Palo Santo will also give your space a great feeling of creativity.

Most Sage is harvested from the southwest of the U.S. and northern Mexico. It loves the hot dry climate. Sage has a strong earthy and herby scent.

Each of these plants offers a different kind of burn that would be good for different uses. Both re clearing and cleansing negative energy. Sage is said to clear good and bad energy. Both of the plants are used for balancing air, earth, fire.

Add an Avalon shell into the equation to burn your sage or Palo Santo and you will be bringing the water element in.


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