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Celestine crystal and its many benefits

Updated: Feb 3

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Where is Celestite found and what does it look like?

Celestite is a stone with high vibration. It could be blue, yellow, red or white. You can find it in the form of pyramids, as a medium to large cluster or geode, or as a flat plate-like piece. It is easily obtained and expensive. It comes from Britain, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Portland, Libya, Madagascar.

Celestite is a teacher for the New age. It is full of spiritual energies.

What does celestite do?

1.) It gives you peace and tranquility and helps you contact the angelic realm.

2. It gives spiritual development a jumpstart and encourages enlightenment.

3.It is a stone that encourages clairvoyant communication, dream recall, and out of body experiences.

4.Celestine encourages purity of the heart and attracts good fortune. ”

5.It heals the aura” and reveals the truth.

6.It brings balance and alignment into your life.

7..The tranquility and calmness it brings help with conflict resolution. It helps you maintain a calm atmosphere in times of stress.

8.Celestine can improve dysfunctions in relationships by bringing space for peaceful solutions.

9.This stone is a creative stone that is useful for the arts.

What does celestite do psychologically?

1.Celestite encourages strength and inner peace so that you can be open to new experiences.

2 It inspires trust along with spiritual wisdom.

3.Because of its calming effects celestite has been known to cool down fierce situations.

What does celestite do mentally?

1.Celestite gives you peace and sharpens the mind. It gets rid of worries and gives you clarity of mind, helping you communicate clearly and fluently.

2.It helps you analyze complex ideas. The stone combines intellect with instincts. Celestite promotes mental balance.

How does celestite heal?

1.Celestite is an excellent healing stone, dissolving pain and bringing in love.

2. It treats inflammation of the eyes and ears, eliminates toxins, and brings cellular order.

3, Because it is a calming sone it relaxes muscle tension and calms mental torment.

3. As with all blue crystals, Celestite is an excellent opener and healer of the “third chakra” and it associates with physical conditions.

Always consult with a professional for medical advice

Youtube videos I recommend for learning about how crystal healing works

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I often use this crystal when I am giving youtube angel weekly readings


Celestite is a stone of high vibration.it gives you peace and tranquility and helps you connect with your angelic realm. It has many spiritual, psychological, and mental benefits as well as it is used for healing.

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