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Chrysanthemum stone

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What does this Stone look like and is it readily available?

Chrysanthemum stone could be Brown, or gray with white. It looks like the flower of chrysanthemum and it is a medium stone. It comes from China, Canada, Japan, and the United States. It is easily obtained.

What does the chrysanthemum stone do?

This stone helps us drift gently through time.

1, It facilitates time travel.

2.It inspires confidence and enhances any environment with its gentle presence.

3. Harmoniously it combines change with balance.

4.It shows how the two can work together.

5.This stone helps you be in the moment.

6.It encourages self-enhancement

7. It helps you be inspired and energized so that you can manifest what you want.

8.Chrysanthemum stone teaches how to remain child-like, fun, loving, and innocent while on your spiritual journey.

9. Helps develop confidence in your self-development.

10. By strengthening character overcomes bigotry, ignorance and narrow-mindedness, self-righteousness, and jealousy.

11.It encourages people to show more love to the world, which in term brings more love into their life.

What does Chrysanthemum do for you mentally?

1.This stone counteracts superficiality deepens thought allowing you to focus more

2..Brings stability trust eliminating resentment.

How is it used for healing?

1)promotes physical maturation

2)promotes the transition

3)treats the skin

4)treats the skeleton

5)Treats the eyes

6) disperses toxins

How do you use it?

1. Carry or place in your environment.

2, Use an elixir by placing the stone in a glass bowl within the bowl of water as otherwise “the flower” is affected.

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This stone helps us drift gently through time.

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