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Herkimer Diamond pentagram for clarity

Updated: Jan 23

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What does a Herkimer diamond look like?

A Herkimer diamond is clear. It might look Oily, have inner rainbows and it’s usually double terminated small to large. It’s expensive but readily available. It comes from the United States, Mexico, Spain, Tanzania.

what does this stone do?

  1. energizes, encourages, and inspires creativity.

  2. A powerful stone to use when you want to get aligned. This works well with the smaller clear stones.

  3. It stimulates psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, spiritual vision, and telepathy. This gives you guidance from the higher dimensions.

  4. Clears the chakras and opens up the channels for spiritual energy to flow.

  5. It can be used to obtain past life information. This helps you recognize blockages or resistance to your spiritual growth.

  6. Herkimer releases information gently to facilitate transformation.

  7. it activates the light body.

  8. Herkimer aligns people and brings them together when they have to be apart. Each person should have one stone.

  9. It enhances telepathy, especially in the initial practice stages.

  10. It aligns healer and patient.

  11. Herkimer has crystal energy which you can just pour information into to retrieve it later.

  12. It can be programmed for other people to draw on.

  13. Herkimer diamonds are one of the strongest crystals for clearing electromagnetic smog or radioactivity.

  14. The block geopathic stress.

How does Herkimer heal?

  1. These Herkimer diamond can be used for detoxification

  2. It protects from radioactivity and disease caused by contact.

  3. It relieves insomnia

  4. cellular disorders and metabolic imbalances.

  5. Eliminates stress and tension from the body.

  6. It encourages past life recall from injuries and diseases that still affect the present life.

  7. Herkimer diamond makes an excellent environmental spray or elixir

Remember to always consult a physician if you're not feeling well.

Youtube videos I recommend for learning about crystals and healing.

Healing with crystals part 1

Healing with crystals part 2

How should I position Herkimer crystal?

Wear as a pendant or earrings for short periods only. Place on the base of your spine or as appropriate. a position between yourself and electromagnetic smog. Spray or gem elixir.

Herkimer diamond the Birthstone of April

Usually diamond is the birthstone for the month of April. Herkimer diamond is increasingly being used in Europe,

Shopping Herkimer Diamond


A Herkimer pentagram brings clarity to a situation.

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