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Karma Cause And Effect and crystals you can use

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Blog by Mari

Have you ever wondered about The true meaning of karma? I mean you hear people say what comes around goes around but do they really know what they are talking about. I didn’t and I really wasn’t satisfied with what comes around goes around. So I decided to do a little investigation that will hopefully answer all our questions about karma.

Karma is meant to represent the total effect of your soul's progress through many physicals incarnations.

Ancestral Karma is the karmic pattern inherited from our families and communities. The principle of cause and effect is ancient and transcends any single population of any time frame. You do not need to believe in reincarnation for karma to make sense of it. Heaven or hell is a result of the action you take from your choices. Many cultures believe that the soul is born again and again through reincarnation, and is given the opportunity to advance. The concept of karma comes from the universal law of cause and effect, in which each and every action or choice results in a certain effect.

Karma is not limited to the physical force exerted on material objects. The universe is a dynamic collection of energy fields interacting with one another. Each action or event at the energetic level influences the surrounding fields, and the result is an equal and opposite reaction to karma. In the case of karmic reactions, the energy fields and their activities do not necessarily have physical counterparts.

Here are some interesting facts:

  1. Spiritual and mental energies can result in karmic debits or credits.

  2. When our choices limit or harm another energy field, whether it is a person, animal plant or idea we generate a negative karmic imprint.

  3. Karma is the measuring system for our choices in life. this measuring system entangles people at a soul level.

  4. When we engage in choices and behaviors that uplift others, we gather good karma which is called merit. This would be a karmic credit to your account.

  5. Karma debts inhibit spiritual growth, and they can lead to a variety of challenges in life including those that affect physical and emotional health

Crystals that can help with karma:

any healing stone like amethyst, clear quartz, etc.

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