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Kyanite crystal stone and it’s abilities

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Kyanite is also known as Disthene. It comes in a variety of colors blue-white, pink, green, gray, and black. It looks transparent or opaque and it comes in a variety of sizes. It is readily available and it comes from Brazil.

Metaphysical properties:

  1. Kyanite never needs cleansing or clearing

  2. It is a stone of attunement And commonly used when meditating?

  3. Good for communication as it is a powerful transmitter and amplifies energies in high frequency.

  4. This helps stimulate your psychic abilities and your intuition.

  5. This stone can also help spiritual energy manifest in thought.

  6. This crystal connects to your spirit guides and helps you with compassion. It grounds the spiritual vibrations bringing in spiritual integrity.

  7. It helps you recall your dreams.

  8. Kyanite is helpful when you're transitioning to death.

Corresponding Astrological Signs:



Kyanite. aligns all chakras. It is also used for opening the chakras.

Blue Kyanite is also excellent to use on the throat and third eye chakra.

Green Kyanite helps with the heart chakra.

Black Kyanite helps with the root chakra.

Orange Kyanite helps with several chakras

Why do we use Kyanite?

Kyanite is an important stone that can enhance not only your mind but also your body.

It is amazing how something so small and beautiful has so much power. It can align the chakras in your body and restores its balance and harmony. It can promote a claiming effect on you while keeping you centered. This is because when the Chakras are balanced and opened, you can freely express what you think or feel. It encourages an easy flow of energy inside and outside the body. Kyanite is the crystal of connection that creates a road from your mind to your heart and keeps these two strongly connected. It can open your mind and encourage telepathic and psychic abilities

When you are surrounded by the healing energies of kyanite. you can easily bridge communication gaps with people. In times of confrontation, it will keep you level-headed and will help you not lose your temper.

Kyanite makes coordinating large numbers of people a breeze. The Kyanite energy can really make you stay on top of your game. It has a connection to higher ideas and continuous streams of clear thoughts. This stone can also make sure you don't turn into a workaholic.

How can Kyanite help you when it comes to health and healing

It will ensure that you receive great nourishment, leading to good health. It also helps you prevent brain fog it keeps you sharp. Kyanite also helps you worry less. It questions if the stress your feeling is productive or useful. Kyanites energy helps you feel more confident in times of anxiety. It can also soothe physical symptoms that make you feel anxious or depressed. Kyanite helps alleviate migraines and tension.


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