Lemurian quartz A new age crystal

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Introduction to Lemurian quartz

I've seen Lemurian quartz referred to many times as the New Age crystal. It is also sometimes known as the Lemurian seed crystal. This crystal has the following attributes.

  1. helps with retrieving information.

  2. It helps with psychic abilities.

  3. These crystals are very advanced and have a focus on high technology.

  4. DNA

  5. Social engineering

An example of them would be significant occurrences in the history of human development. A good example of this would be how the present technology has moved from phonography records to cassette tapes, to downloadable streaming music, movies, etc. Each one of these advancements could be viewed as a single striated line on the crystal. So running your fingers over the Lemurian crystal will connect you with timeline events that each crystal has recorded,

Lemurian crystal description

Because it is a silicon dioxide mineral it belongs to the quartz group. Quartz is the most abundant mineral in the whole world. It can be found in most geological environments and is also a component of most rock types. Quartz comes in many varieties. These are clear in their purest form

  1. Microcrystalline

  2. Chalcedony

Impure Varieties include

  1. Amethyst

  2. Citrine

  3. Smoky Quartz

  4. Rose Quartz

  5. Clear Quartz

  6. Hematite

Lemurian quartz meaning

Lemurian quartz is also known as a Lemurian seed crystal. This quartz resembles laser quartz in appearance, It is larger at the bottom and it has grooves running across the points surface. This quartz often displays a slight reddish grove that comes from surface deposits of iron oxide.

What are its Metaphysical properties?

  1. Powerful meditation tool as it initiates gentle loving energy.

  2. Opens the heart chakra allowing healing at an emotional level.

  3. Releases the high spiritual consciousness

Lemurian quartz and healing

  1. Lemurian Quartz can be used to stimulate the healing of any disease

  2. Harmonizes the higher vibrational energies of the aura, light-body, or subtle body

  3. Lemurian Quartz supports all sorts of healing facilitating amplification of other crystal energies.

Make sure to consult a physician if you do not feel well.

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Lemurian quartz crystals are available all over the world

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