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At https://www.energymessagesbymari.com/ we try to give you the best experience. Informing you and giving you options. Each gemstone harbors its own unique quality. Whatever may be happening in your life at the moment one of the crystals which you may also wear as jewelry will help you through it.

Those with the desire to learn and understand might have already looked at some of my blogs on different crystals. Lapis Lazuli, for example, has been used as a symbol for Royalty and honor. It is the universal symbol of purity wisdom and truth. It helps enhance your intellectual capacity.

Purple amethyst is a protective stone that helps in clearing the mind and negativity.

When there is negative energy in your environment you need flourite.

Sometimes you need extra spiritual protection against negative energy. Black tourmaline could help with this. It helps when people threaten their psychic powers, its a spiritual stone that keeps you grounded.

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