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Obsidian crystal and its uses

Updated: Mar 30

Blog by Mari Kaleidoscope of energies

What does an obsidian crystal look like?

Many people do not know that Obsidian is a natural glass. It is often formed as silica-rich lava cools fast. It hardens so rapidly that crystals are don't have the capability to form. Obsidian is known for its reflective qualities, it is a natural stone for karmic support. It is a stone that is grounding, protective, and insightful. It is a healer.

What can Obsidian be used for?

The obsidian sphere can be used for scrying. The hunt can be directed towards a vision of past or future life. They may also inquire about the insight about a specific pattern or cycle karma that keeps happening in your life. Tumbled obsidian can be placed on the third eye to help confront the shadow aspects of our lives, such as those responsible for the negative karma I have generated. Obsidian can sometimes be a powerful teacher, so have patience when working with this stone. I myself have this stone as a protector. I remember having a problem at work and taking this stone with me. I had faith and I believed that it would protect me in some way. Not from the people but from the negative energy people wish for you sometimes.

Obsidian helps us look at the darkness in order to bring us into the light. Obsidian can help you overcome fear. I believe this is what obsidian did for me as I was at a point where I was horrified to go back to work, but I overcame those challenges and took it one day at a time. Now this might of been fear of karma itself. Some situations make you start doubting yourself and that’s when the karmic fear begins. I was able to cut through that fear and through the illusions surrounding them. This brought me back into a state of non-attachment and no judgment. In this state, I was able to effectively handle the situation.

Many native cultures used obsidian in producing tools with sharp cutting edges, such as knives, spears points, and arrowheads. in the same way, this stone cuts through the illusion that is in our stories. No one is reduced to being only the result of karma but rather karma tells the story of where we have been and how we got to where we are today.

Shopping Obsidian

Obsidian is a protective stone that can also be used for scrying.

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Obsidian helps us look at the darkness in order to bring us into the light.

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