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Kyanite, Labradorite and Moonstone Gold Filled Necklace

Updated: Sep 4

Intuitive Reader/ Energy Messages by M


The stones in this combination provide the wearer with clarity, strength & patience.

Blue Kyanite - Clarity - Aligns Chakras – Calm - Serenity - Helps the throat and brain

Labradorite – Protects Against Negative Energy - Self Worth - Strength - Perseverance - Helps with addictions, brain, eyes, and stomach

Moonstone - Intuition - Creative Possibilities - Increases Patience - Release Unnecessary Stress - Helps the reproductive system and digestive system

Materials: Gold Filled Chain

All stones are made to order, wire wrapped with love

Genuine AAA gemstones


If you have any questions about his product feel free to write to me energymessagesbymaritarot@gmail.com


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