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Smoky Quartz Crystals

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

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Smokey Quartz

Besides being one of the best stones for grounding it also raises your vibration during meditation. This protective stone is linked with the earth and the “base chakra”. It encourages concern for the environment and ecological solutions. This stone is a great remedy for stress. It aids in dealing with difficult times.

Smokey Quartz properties\

Smoky Quartz is good for radiation-treated illnesses or chemotherapy. Tolerance of stress is improved with the assistance of Smokey Quartz


It grounds spiritual energy and gently compensates for negative vibrations, Smoky quartz also blocks geopathic stress by absorbing electromagnetic smog. It assists in eliminating negative and toxic energy on all levels, bringing in a positive vibration to fill the space. Smoky Quartz teaches you how to leave behind anything that doesn’t serve you. It reminds me of the five swords in tarot. In some decks you see a person leaving the other or others behind and walking towards the light. It can be used to protect the earth chakra below the feet and its grounding cord when in the area of disturbed earth energy.

Psychological energy

Smoky Quartz aids with fear. It gets rid of depression and brings emotional calmness.it alleviates suicidal tendencies. Smoky Quartz helps you accept your physical body and sexual nature. Encouraging virginity and cleansing the base chakra so that passion can flow naturally. This crystal aids with nightmares and helps you manifest your dream. It dissolves negative emotions when it comes into contact with them.


Smoky Quartz encourages positive thoughts. and can be used for scrying to give clear insight and help with neutralizing fear or failure. It gets rid of contradictions encourages concentration and aids with communication difficulties, It facilitates clearing the mind for meditation. Physical energy

Smoky Quartz is good for radiation-treated illnesses or chemotherapy. Tolerance of stress is improved with the assistance of Smokey Quartz. This stone also helps in relieving and healing the pain.

Healing energy

Smoky Quartz is particularly effective in the areas of the abdomen, hips, and legs. It relieves pain including headaches and benefits the reproductive system, muscle and nerve tissue, And the heart. Smoky Quartz dissolves cramps, strengthens the back, and fortified the nerves. This stone works by assimilating the minerals and regulating the liquids within the body.

Position and wearing

Anywhere especially base chakra.Under pillows by a telephone or geopathic stress lines. You can wear it as a pendant for long periods of time. To get rid of stress place a stone in each hand and sit quietly for a few minutes. Place over the area where you have the pain to get rid of the pain. Place point away from the body to draw off negative energies. Point towards yourself to energize.


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