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Do You believe in soulmates? Did you know that there are actually people out there who would have you believe that some of us don’t have a soulmate? How horrendous is it to think that someone may not know such a wonderful experience? But, there are some schools of thought that outright deny the existence of soulmates, or claim that not everyone has one.

As an experienced psychic I can tell you that everyone has a soulmate You might be someone who has had more than one real relationship, experiencing love to the fullest, and coming to realize that soulmates are real, but not always meant to be permanent; Especially in this new age, where everything is constantly changing.

I just felt each time I was in a relationship that it was my soulmate. But was it really my soulmate? Was it just someone I needed to meet along the way to teach me a karmic lesson? And how do you know the difference? How do I know what lies ahead?

Lessons are learned, imparted, and shared. When the time comes that one, or both, of you, are unable to continue – you move on. Imagine if you were at a standstill with that person for the rest of your life because it’s your soulmate, having to work it out, no excuses. We’ve all seen what that turns into; In sticking it out with the wrong person, you inhibit their growth as well as your own. Neither of you gets anywhere by holding on past the expiration date of your relationship.

The truth is, you will go through soulmates, one after the other until you and your ultimate, twin flame soulmate are prepared to meet. For some, it happens quickly and for others, the process seems like it takes a lifetime; but what happens when you meet your soulmate is that there is no longer any confusion.you never really knew what love is until NOW. You fully understand that every experience, every lesson, every moment, every relationship has brought you to this place of peace, love, and fulfillment. This is all part of your growth.

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