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Agate Jewelry

Updated: Aug 24

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Fire agate has the capability to protect especially against people that don't wish you well. It builds a protective shield around the body. It returns those harmful intentions back to its origin so that the source understands the harm it is doing.

Physically Fire Agate ties itself to the fire element and helps with your sexual experience. It fires up the base chakra, and arouse vitality on all levels.

Psychologically, Fire agate eliminates fear and inspires great security. Holding a Fire Agate inspires soul searching, effectively, bringing up inner problems resolution. It helps get rid of cravings, and harmful desires.

Spiritually this protective stone helps to relax so that body unwinds. It enhances meditation, instills spiritual endurance, and helps the progression of awareness.

Fire Agate can be worn long periods or placed on the head or body

Recommendations for Fire Agate:

Silver Bracelet With Agate Stone

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