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Citrine Rutilated & Crystal Quartz Stretch Bracelet! Genuine Crystals!

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This combination of crystals is amazing citrine has a deep spiritual meaning, It's a crystal that can bring you lots of energy if you treat it with respect. Citrine is also known as the Merchant stone due to its ability to transmute energy quickly and easily. Citrine can be an excellent tool to have on hand whether in the pocket, in a purse, or as jewelry like this bracelet. It is known as the crystal that brings abundance but it also brings spiritual joy. Combined with this clear crystal is amazing. Combined with this clear crystal quartz who is the master healer and brings clarity to any situation. This crystal reminds us to change our perspective and look at the situation from a different point of view,I often use this in my tarot readings so that it can enhance the clarify the situation for me. Chrystal quartz is a powerful healer that can be used in all chakras and influences all zodiac signs.

This bracelet is a natural premium bracelet made in brazil.

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