Tektite and ulexite Pentagram and their function

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What is the appearance of a tektite you might ask?

A tektite is a black or dark brown it can also be green ( Moldavite). It is small, glassy, and translucent. It is a meteorite and it’s rare, but maybe available in specialized shops. It comes from the Middle East and the Far East, the Philippines, and Polynesia. Meteorites can occur worldwide.

What does Tektite do?

Because it is a meteorite tektite is believed to enhance communication with other worlds to inspire spirituality through absorption and retention of higher knowledge. It releases experiences that you don’t want. It is the link between creative energy and matter. These experiences are released by remembering lessons learned and concentrating on those things that are going to help you with your spiritual growth. It encourages insights into the true cause and the necessary action.

What does tektite do for the Chakras?

Tektite balances the energy flow and may reverse a chakra that is spinning the wrong way. It is helpful for telepathy and clairvoyance. When tektite is placed on the third eye it opens communication with other dimensions. This stone strengthens the biomagnetic protection around the body.

How is Tektite used in healing?

  1. Reduces fever

  2. 2. Aids the capillaries and circulation.

  3. Prevents the transmission of diseases

  4. Balances male and female energies within the personality.

  5. Certain types of Tektite have been used for surgery.

How do you position Tektite?

Place or hold as appropriate.

What is Ulexite appearance?

Ulexite is a transparent stone. It can look clear, silky, squarish crystal, sometimes lightly striated. It can be easily obtained in the United States.

What are Ulexite functions?

  1. Ulexite magnifies things. 2. Brings things into focus on the inner and spiritual level.

  2. It is excellent for understanding dreams and visions.

  3. 3. Ulexite takes you to the bottom of the situation.

  4. Helps you get a resolution activating the solution.

  5. ulexite is a stone of Revelation it helps you look into another’s heart. Knowing what they are feeling and thinking.

  6. its soft energy is beneficial when meditating and relaxing.

  7. Placed on the third eye chakra it is beneficial in enhancing visualization and taking away negative mental energy.

  8. Helps balance the yin and the yang Energies

What does Ulexite do on a mental level?

it enhances the imagination and stimulates creativity, especially in business. Ulexite helps you see things clearly so that you do not take things out of proportion.

How do you use Ulexite for healing?

  1. ulexite is used to bring clarity.

  2. It is excellent as a skin elixir for soothing wrinkles.

How do you position it?

wear or place as appropriate especially in the area of the eyes or the third eye. Gaze into it when meditating.

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