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The power of crystals and how to find the right crystal

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

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A little Ancient history

Crystals have always been known to have power. In ancient times they might have been considered a gift from the gods. Our ancestors believed that the earth was surrounded by crystal spheres where gods, stars, and planets dwelt.

Crystals definition

Crystals may be defined as a solid polyhedral form of a substance limited by a smooth geometrical surface called faces. Crystals can be natural or a substance made artificially by chemical reactions.

Natural crystals come in thousands of varieties and are formed in the earth from fluids by cooling under different conditions of temperature and pressure. Most crystals occur in the form of crystal or crystalline clusters. In any case, the process is called crystallization.


Is the branch of science that deals with all, such as their formation from the melts, their internal structure, and their external shape. Individuals who work in this field need a basic knowledge of crystallography

My Experience with crystals and how I got to love them I‘ve always been interested in crystals and bought a small one here and there. One day my spouse and I went to visit a friend in Tennessee. I had no idea what was going to happen to me that week but I was completely transformed. I wouldn’t say I didn’t know crystals had energy but just how much energy they have is amazing. I walked into this Mexican-style hacienda and the first thing I noticed before I even knew this person had crystals was the peaceful energy in her house. I was invited to go sit down in the living room. I remember that it was like a sunken living room with a couple of chairs and these big huge amethyst crystals. It was totally space where one could meditate with no problem. As we went around the house I was introduced to huge smokey quartz. And other crystals. This is the most peaceful house I ever been in. I was given a lesson on the aura and told to buy obsidian that it was a great one. I obeyed. since that day I been in love with crystals and their power. I have an altar and I also use them for my readings as I feel the energy is better when I have crystals on the area that I use to give my readings from.

How to find the right crystal

Finding the right stone for you is the key to aligning yourself with the power of the crystals. You should start by searching for a crystal that holds the power to what you want to manifest. But where do you go from here? What if you had no idea which crystal is right for you.?

Use your own power of attraction! Focus on what you want and say I’m going to find the crystal for me now. look online and imagine that crystal you're attracted to in your hands. On that new altar your starting. Oh, and by the way they don’t have to be on an altar. I have them by the door next to the buddha, in the bathroom in the living room so people can leave their negative energy at the door. you can go into a store and run your hands through a basket of crystals. One will stick to you like glue or you will have this feeling no that you have to pick it up. This is the crystal for you. whenever you find your crystal make sure you purify and empower it before use. I usually do this before I sell any of my crystal just because I like to purify them when they come from the wholesale place. when buying a crystal remember the biggest and flashiest is not necessarily the best for your purpose.

High vibration crystals

Crystals such as danburite already possess a light high vibration. This vibration activated the higher chakras. Some high vibration stones along with some extremely high vibration quartz assist in raising consciousness. Here are some stones that offer high vibration,


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