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Twin flames what it means and how crystals can help you!!

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Blog by Mari Kaladeiscope of energies

I wanted to do a blog on twin flames because I give tarot readings on youtube and have been thinking of twin flames reading. If you're interested in getting free youtube readings for your sign my playlist on youtube is energy messages by Mari.

What do twin flames mean

First I would have to start with the definition of a twin flame. twin flames are often looked at as mirror souls or twin connections. A twin flame is the other half of your soul. It is theorized that a soul can split into two after ascending to a high frequency After the soul lands in two different bodies.

Before we go any further I want you to look back on your romantic life and answer this question. Have you ever met someone who completely changed the course of your life? How would you know its a twin-flame connection,

1)Twin flames can be romantic or platonic in nature.

2)They are such an intense relationship that they can forever change your life.

So let's break down the definition of twin flames:

1)Contrary to what people believe a twin flame is not your soulmate.

2)Your twin flame doesn't even have to be someone you fall in love with.

3)This kind of soul high-level base connection

4. Have a strong magnetism a connection that is undeniable.

5.Destined to meet.

6.Underlying connection

Signs of a twin flame connection

  1. Strong Magnetism One of the signs of the twin flame is that the attraction you feel towards this person is so magnetic it is almost unbelievable. It does have to be mutual or this attraction is just a strong attraction and nothing more. Both flames can feel the pull and it is a strong pull towards each other.

  2. Destined to meet You never forget how people make you feel. This is true with twin flames. These people are destined to meet. Once they do it's hard.d to turn back because they both know how they made each other feel. The universe brings them together because of the force they feel towards each other it feels like destiny

Is it really destiny though?

1.No. What it really is it's a soulful attraction towards each other.

2. Unbelievable or surreal announcement that the other flame is nearing, Some people have strange dreams or start feeling strange of a familiar presence nearing. Others start seeing signs showing synchronicities like 11:11 on the clock more often than usual. Strange waves of energy might start taking over the body. Sometimes you notice that a particular song is playing more and more. The other person is feeling the same things. All of this leading to an unavoidable meeting.


1.This connection is undeniable but it can be a big challenge. There can be two flames with totally different personalities, demeanor, likes, or dislikes however there is still an underlying connection.

2.. It feels like home Meeting a twin flame is a magical ordeal. All the memories shared can return or at least the feeling of those memories. It might feel a little weird because you going to feel very comfortable with this person. They are going to be easy to talk to. , you going to be emotionally content, happy, and relaxed.

If you meet someone that makes you feel this way. Try to be as open as possible to the experience.. Telepathic connection

The connection between twin flames is supernatural. Some people experience a telepathic link with their twin flame. Twin flames can also sense when the other is in trouble. Even if the twin flames are far away from each other they would feel as if they are sharing the same space. The telepathic twin flame connection can be so strong that sometimes they can feel illnesses, emotions, and sometimes pain together.

Twin flames evolve together no matter what they go through.

This phenomenon happens because twin flames complement each other's weaknesses and strengths. Is almost like the universe united you with the right person and. your ability to face every obstacle, every challenge together. They couldn't see facing these hardships with anyone else. they got each other back no matter what.

Below are some crystals used for twin flame connections

1, Obsidian To protect from negativity and to help stay grounded.

2. Rose Quart To heal your heart and open you to unconditional love

Amethyst to open your third eye

Citrine to balance your Feminine /Masculine energies and help you set into abundance and joy.

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