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Valentine's Day, what does it mean? and gifts ideas💕

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Here is hoping you have an amazing Valentine Day! Valentine day means different thing to different people. In many culture's is a day to express their love to others. An example of that I got married on valentine day. For us it was a testament for our love for one another. For us it was a symbol that we love each other and we wanted to celebrate our love on that day Here in the united states many people do this. But other cultures celebrate friendships of all kinds.

Meaning of Valentine Day💘

Valentine Day also called St. Valentine Day today is celebrated on February 14, when lovers all over the world express their love with gifts and admiration for one another . The holiday was started as the Roman festival of Lupacarilia celebrated February 15.

What is the festival of Lupecarila?

Lupecarlla is an ancient Roman Festival This is one of the earliest records found. In this case it was a dark scenario of valentine day. Although we celebrate valentine day on February 14 this festival was held on February 15 and it began with the sacrifice of a dog or a goat. A group of priest called the Luperci than would cut off the skin of the two animals. They put it against their forehead and than would strike every women nearby with it. The thinking behind this was that the women hoped it would make them more fertile. By the end of the 5th century pope Gelasius decided to replace Lupercalla with St. Valentines day.

Who are the Saints named Valentine?

It is believed two saints named Valentine were the inspiration for this holiday. Others believe that it could be the same person. One of the valentines had been killed by the emperor Claudius II Gothicus after he refused to worship the Roman Gods. While in person, he signed a letter that said "from your valentine" to a woman he supposedly healed from blindness. This is why many say the holiday is inspired by kindness and love.

Around the same time a priest names St. Valentine of Terni went against the emperors orders and secretly married, young couples. The emperor however believed that unmarried men made better soldiers.

Emperor Gothicus executed the priest on February 14 269 AD. History said since he died for the sin or arranging marriages, his day is remembered as a day of love.

Why do we give gifts on Valentines day?

Valentines day brings big business. To be exact it is a billion dollar business. According to the National retail Federation it is estimated that consumers will spend about 27.4 billion dollars on this holiday. It would be interesting to see if this number changes because of the pandemic. Honestly I don’t see it changing. Weather we get our gifts for that special person on line or in person doesn't really make a difference. The fact is we like to show our love and appreciation in a special way.

One of the first greeting cards to be made for valentines day, was made back in the 16th century. It included the question. You know what question I'm Talking about! Will you be my Valentine!!???

The first person to make holiday cards and manufacture them was Ester Howland. This happened in 1847 in the U.S.

Richard Cardbury came up with a brilliant Idea to create a chocolate box in 1868.

Today the holiday is celebrated through out the world with people giving magnificent gifts such as Roses, chocolates, jewelry and just about anything you can imagine.

Below are some great gift Ideas for your sweet heart. You know the one that makes your heart flutter.

Shopping for your valentine


Valentine day was not originally on February 14 and it was called it was the festival of Lucapila.

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