Amazonite, Citrine, Crystal Quartz & Sandalwood

Amazonite, Citrine, Crystal Quartz & Sandalwood

SKU: good-luck-amazonite-citrine-cr1497472051

⃟ All Bracelets come neatly packaged with their own Individual Info. card ⃟
⃟ Bracelet only comes in 8mm ⃟

Amazonite - Strengthen Intuition - Increases Good Fortune - Stay Focused - Helps the lungs, throat, sinus and chest

Citrine – Intellect - Increase Self-Esteem – Boosts Ideas – Creativity

Crystal Quartz - Power - Increase Energy - Protects Against Negativity

Sandalwood - Wishing & Praying Wood

Bracelet Materials:Genuine Semi Precious Stones- Highest Quality
Strong Elastic Band .7mm
Sterling Silver Accents
Gold Filled/Vermeil Accents
Processing Time: 2-3 DaysHandmade & Shipped with love from U.S.A.



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