Namibia Azurite Pendant

Namibia Azurite Pendant

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Azurite is a powerful aide in inspiring creativity and a higher consciousness. It helps in clearing  the energy center linked to spiritual awareness and creativity. 

About the stone: 

Each Azurite stone is unique in its marbling and character. With deep blue hues and black specks it takes me back to my first sight of the lacadive islands as a 10 yr old experiencing the ocean overhead with various spots of moss and coral that proved a stunning contrast to the blue ocean. 


Handmade in India

17 inch chain with 2 inch extender

Small pendant : approx .5 inches

Medium pendant: approx .75 inches

 Each stone is handpicked and comes in different shapes with its unique patterning . It will vary slightly from the image. The properties and energies of the stone remain the same. 





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