Spirit of the Animals Oracle Reader Starter Package

Spirit of the Animals Oracle Reader Starter Package

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This Spirit of the Animals Oracle Reader Starter Package has everything you need to get started with your Oracle Card Reading Business. 

What you Receive: 

1 Spirit of the Animals Oracle Deck 2x3 inch deck (see listing for deck information:  Spirit of the Animals )

1 Small Abalone Shell Approx 3 inches 

1 Sage Smudge Stick Approx 5 inches 

1 Rough Rose Quartz Crystal Approx  2 inches to invoke love into your readings

1 Rough Black Tourmaline Crystal Approx 1 inch for protection

4 Small Rough Clear Crystal Quartz Point  Approx  1 inch ea keep space and cards clean which allows for clearer readings and amplifies the energy

2 White Candles the flame of Spirit Energy as well as purity (style of candle will vary with order) 


CANDLES DESIGN WILL VARY WITH EACH ORDER. The design is not as important, the white candle itself is the most important.

SIZE OF CRYSTALS WILL VARY If I am unable to get at least 1 inch stones you will receive more to make up for the size

This is a STARTER PACKAGE only so the Abalone shell is smaller than normal size, you can still hold the Smudge Stick in the shell as it is smoldering. It WILL NOT however, fit the entire Smudge Stick 

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